Chance the Rapper and Jeremih have officially released their joint holiday album, Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

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Building on releases of the past, the new album features new original songs from Chance in “The Return” and “Who’s To Say.”

The release serves as a gift to fans celebrating the holiday season and is available across streaming platforms.


On “The Return,” Chance is in prime form, floating over a laid back instrumental, showcasing the ability that made fans fall in love with him.

Also, shoutout toe Jeremih who came out on top of a weeks-long COVID-19 battle in the pandemic and released home to his family on December 4.

You can see the track list and press play on the album below.

  1. “The Return” (new song by Chance) 
  2. “All the Way” (Chance with Jeremih) 
  3. “Snowed In” (Chance with Jeremih)
  4. “Family For” (Chance with Jeremih)
  5. “Held It Down” (Chance with Jeremih)
  6. “Ms. Parker” (Chance with Jeremih)
  7. “Joy” (Chance with Jeremih)
  8. “Let it Snow” (Chance with Jeremih)
  9. “Stranger at the Table” (Chance with Jeremih)
  10. “One More Cry” (Chance with Jeremih) 
  11. “Are U Live” (Chance with Jeremih and Valee)
  12. “Who’s To Say” (new song by Chance)