Born and raised in Haiti where he graduated with his high school diploma, the 31 year old Haitian photographer Lapierre, MC Gregor started his career back in 2018 where he first acquired his first magazine cover which pursuits later on in 2019 with a feature on Times Square billboards for New York fashion week. Later on that year, the talented photographer acquired an additional magazine cover with Cosmopolitan which is a major achievement in the photography and commercial world. Throughout the whole chaos with the pandemic, the creative brain has innovated different techniques to keep his platform revenue intact by following different techniques such as, FaceTime Photoshoot session which he later on labeled “Polaroid.” 

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Although, he is a 6 Figure earning fashion photographer, life can also be bitter. Been a runaway since age 14 back in Haiti. Grew up without a mother, Father had no job, nowhere left but the streets of Port -au-Prince to feed and earn a living. Started as a promoter back in Haiti. Continued to follow his dream as he moved to the states to live with his mother. Things did not turn out to be as colorful as they seemed. The support system expected was never established for him to properly carry on to his studies in “Business Administration.” Quite an entrepreneur he can be. Working 3 jobs, MC Gregor had to sacrifice school to afford pursuing his passion, although he wasn’t a photographer then, he managed to invest in quite few business to afford a different lifestyle that he felt comfortable in. A love relationship wasn’t always his level of expertise, as he focused on building a legacy and break the cycle for the family name. Life took a different route that lead to homelessness and depression.  

While recovering from his dark days, the photographer worked on selective projects to continue building his brand “MC Gregor Lapierre” which has grew over 30 000 followers worldwide, features in numerous magazines such as, Essence, LA Times, Zoe Report and so on during the NYFW throughout the pandemic. Adding to his collections of magazine covers with Playboy, FHM, JMG Lifestyle, to name a few shall we say?  


From the photographer himself, he is pursuing the dream of Franchising a fashion house that creatives can have a space to create any contents they can ever dream of. Fashion related or not, he believes that fashion nowadays wouldn’t be fashion if it weren’t for our generation. “We are the almighty black Dollar” were the photographer’s last words.