The country has been fighting through the Covid pandemic all year with limited monetary resources and a lack of support from the government. But at least the weather has been manageable. Now, it’s looking like we have another major hurdle to get over. 

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Winter is here and over 45 million Americans are under a winter storm watch as a powerful nor’easter is taking aim at the East Coast. Putting many elderly and underprivileged citizens at even higher risk of illness and lack of resources. 

The storm is expected to hit most of the eastern coast Wednesday into Thursday, and several feet of snow and heavy ice could cause power outages throughout the region. A looming fear of many east coast residents. 


Boston and New York could each see as much as a foot of snowwhile other parts of the tri-state area could see up to 16 inches. “Confidence is high that this winter storm will result in significant impacts, including travel disruptions and power outages across much of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England,” according to the Weather Prediction Center. 

Blustery wind conditions will also be a concern, in some areas, especially along the coast. Residents will see close to blizzard conditions. Sustained winds of 25 to 35 mph are possible, with gusts as high as 45 mph at times.

We urge everyone to load up on as many groceries and supplies as possible. Also, check on the elderly and less fortunate in your family. We will keep our eyes on this and keep you all updated.