Lamar Jackson briefly left Monday Night’s game against the Cleveland Browns after suffering an apparent leg cramp in the 4th quarter. With the important divisional game on the line and the Ravens fighting for a playoff spot, Jackson returned to close out the Browns in a 47-42 win on the road.

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Jackson returned to the game looking as if he was never injured in the first place which led some twitter users to recall a certain NBA athlete who once faked an injury only to later admit the real reason he left the game.

” I ain’t pull no Paul Pierce. I was cramping,” Jackson said in his post game interview. NBA fans may recall the former Boston Celtics Forward exiting the 2008 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers with an apparent leg injury. Pierce was placed in a wheelchair and taken to the locker room only to re-enter the game minutes later.


Pierce later admitted on the ESPN show “NBA Countdown” that he was never injured and just needed to use the bathroom. Pierce finished what was dubbed “the wheelchair game” with 22 points and at the conclusion of the series earned his first championship and NBA Finals MVP award.

“Apparently we have something to talk about with Paul Pierce,” ESPN anchor Rachel Nichols said on Instagram as a caption the the Jackson post game interview. Nichols co-hosts ESPN’s “The Jump” with Paul Pierce.

Jackson finished the game with 163 passing yards and 124 rushing yards with a rushing touchdown. The Ravens are currently one game behind the Miami Dolphins for the last playoff spot in the AFC.

Despite not pulling a “Paul Pierce” the internet still had some fun at his expense including one of his teammates, Robert Griffin III.