One thing about Naomi Campbell, she does not play when it comes to germs!

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The 50-year-old went viral for documenting the way she sanitizes her first-class plane seat, and this was before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the rest of the world is following her lead.

“I bought [the hazmat suits] in bulk and I bought them on subscription, so they keep coming,” Campbell told WSJ. Magazine.


“There was one point when my subscription hadn’t come because they’d run out, and I panicked, even though I wasn’t going anywhere.”

The pandemic only made Naomi Campbell kick her sanitizing routine into high gear and now her one of her hazmat suits is standing in the Fashion Museum Bath in England.

“It was funny because when I first wore one people were like, ‘She should give that to the hospital. Why’s she stealing?’ They were acting like I was stealing supplies from the hospital … So I started answering back, saying, ‘I got it on Amazon! I got it on Amazon!’ I bought it fair and square on the internet.”