According to a confirmed report, federal authorities in Savannah, Georgia have rounded up 29 people in a drug trafficking ring, including local up-and-coming rapper Respekk.

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Respekk, whose real name is Rashamel Brown, received local recognition from singles he’s released including “Self Preservation”, which received hundreds of thousands of views.

After charging the group with almost 30 felonies including conspiracy, distribution of cocaine, crack, and marijuana, and gun possession, the feds seized almost a half-million in cash, guns with hundreds of rounds of ammo, gold Cuban link necklaces, Rolex watches and a 10k yellow gold pendant forming the numerals 914 with round brilliant cut diamonds. Prosecutors have also set to seize two homes in Savannah that were used for drug distribution.


The investigation, which began last December, revealed that the group used coded language to facilitate the operation until being indicted.

All others allegedly involved are listed as follows: Joseph Bulloch, aka “Lil Joe,” Ildelfonso Sanchez-Inzunza, Kashif Collins aka “Fat Boy” aka “Sheef,” Jontae Keel aka “Biyha,” Rashamel Brown aka “2Stiff Respekk,” Bernard Carter aka “Nard,” Jarnard Williams aka “June,” Charles Collins aka “Greg,” Craig Scott aka “Major Flavor,” Lamar Harris aka “Foolie,” Yusey Scott aka “Bolton St. Self,” Jermaine Robbins aka “Jug Love” aka “Juggy” aka “Chicken Man,” Barshalai Jones aka “Paidfully AK,” Shakeem Douse aka “G Street NBA,” Andre Woolford aka “Hoggie,” Temperance Fennell, Joseph Parrish aka “WiFi,” David Fuentes aka “Shaggy,” Javontae Parrish aka “Vontae,” Jashavious Keel aka “Bub,” Thomas Holland aka “White Boy,” Joann Keel Robinson aka “Ma Dukes,” Gumecindo Ramirez-Perales, Omar Alejandro-Gonzalez, Jose Joel Elicier Christophers, Tyreik Watson, Darin Smith aka “Evil Twin,” Morissa Pollard, Michael Simmons aka “Unc.” 

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