In the two years since he made his debut with Everything’s For Sale, Westside boogie has kept his profile intact with his fair share of one-off freestyles and appearances on other buzzing efforts. His most recent appearance was on Love Renaissane’s Christmas compilation, hopping on “12 Days of Bhristmas” with OMB Bloodbath. But, just before the year’s end, he pops out with an official release, tapping Joey Bada$$ for the assist on his newest ‘Outside’ track.

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The cut features production from a dynamic combo of Mike Lowry, Tae Beast & Rascal. On it, listeners can find Boogie and Joey framing their flow around traditional boasts of work ethic and a presentation on value proposition in Hip-Hop.

“Blessed me with the hands that’s catchin’ all these niggas’ fans, uh /’Posed to be your mans, damn, my nigga, you got scammed, uh / Funny that I’m standin’ with the dude who made Stan / But never treat me like the fan, ’cause what I am, what I am,” Boogie unleashes.


The new arrival was paired with an attention-grabbing rollout, per the standard of the LVRN house as social media comedian Fort Knox staged a kidnapping of the rapper, with his ransom conditional on the release of new music from the Compton representative. Fans were prompted to text in song ideas to help free the rapper.

The saga’s conclusion is an accompanying music video, directed by Shomi Patwary for our viewing pleasure.