Kamaiyah has proven to be one of the most multi-faceted young artists in the game. Now she arrived with her latest project No Explanations, giving fans everything they’ve been waiting for. 

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Contrary to the norm of stacking an album with features, No Explanations only calls on two other artists, Jackboy and Sacramento rapper Mozzy. The time and patience she’s put into this project is evident, allowing her to showcase her artistic progression as a soloist. 

“Still I Rise” which accompanies a visual featuring Jackboy is Kamaiyah’s way of conveying that no matter what she’s been through, she will always rise to the occasion and she vows to keep pushing. This same focus can be heard throughout her flow. 


Battling back from multiple album delays, Kamaiyah is enjoying and celebrating independence as an artist. The former XXL Freshman has been building her repertoire while watching other artists come and go. Showcasing how versatile she is as both a rapper and an artist, No Explanations offers a unique flavor. Fans fell in love with Oakland Nights and Got It Made. Both of which released earlier this year.

“During this project specifically, I wanted to step away from the party music and west coast sound and step into another world that registers with the Bay Area region. Which is the south,” Kamaiyah tells The Source of the creative process behind No Explanations. “They solely inspired this project and whole heartedly, I wanted a southern project”. 

The end product is an impressive output with Kamaiyah satiating fans’ appetite with her best, and from the looks and sounds of things, she shows no signs of slowing down.

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