After getting Jeezy and Gucci Mane in the same room to battle it out in a Verzuz after almost two decades of beefing, trying to get The Game and 50 Cent to do a Verzuz doesn’t seem like a long shot.

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Last month, 50 said that he’d be open to doing a Verzuz battle with his former G-Unit member, The Game. Now, in an interview with the LA Leakers, The Game said that he wouldn’t even entertain the possibility of doing a Verzuz with anybody else besides 50.

“You can’t really talk about Fif and hip-hop without somebody bring up Game, and you definitely can’t say Game without somebody saying, ‘But, oh, 50 wrote all your hits. You ain’t shit without 50,” he said. “It’s a Game and Fif, and Fif and Game thing. And so, as far as the Verzuz is concerned, that is the only person I would even entertain doing a Verzuz with, because it just makes the most sense and nobody else can really go with me.”


The Game went on to compare himself with Wayne and Drake, saying that “there’s no one that can do a Verzuz with [Lil] Wayne or a Verzuz with Drake, unless they’re in there with each other … There’s nobody else for me. There’s nobody else but 50. It has to be that, and it is what it is. So, I’m not sure that we’re gon’ do it, but if we do I’m definitely down to sit in a room with him and have some Le Chemin Du Roi.”

Welp, we’ll see what happens.