Cam Carter wrote a song for runway models titled “Love Hates” which should be dropping sometime in the Spring or Summer of this year and it was produced by the great Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell.  It’s about how ambitious, aspiring models have to wave and smile through the love and hate, essentially because in modern society, love hates love and people “love to hate”.  
Cam Carter visited Memphis, Tennessee for the first time since he’s recorded professionally to “tap into my roots”.  
“I felt it was an important time for me to remember where I’m from, bump up with some of my hometown heros, and earn their respect and support before I do what I have to do.”
“Memphis is a city where music is simply in your blood, and as much as I love Los Angeles, I knew some of the records had to be recorded in Memphis.  I cannot describe how it feels to record songs in the same room as legends.  And as crazy as it sounds, it’s like I can feel their ghosts looking through the walls as I record.  It challenges me and inspires me at the same time which is great for my creative process.”

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2021 is going to be a big year for Cam Carter because he has built a production team that is a force to be reckoned with.  (Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell, Marc “MP Beatz” Pueschl, Luchito Carrera, Phillip “Big Phil” Hudson, Jason Gillespie, Mike Gonsolin, Ray K, Nathan “Kobe Beats” Morrow, J Banga Beats, Gardner Cole, DarkoQuan, and Nick White). And has amassed an unreleased catalog of music that has timeless potential and will be collaborating with many other talented artists such as Vera Von Monika, Raquel Aurilia, Ilhame, Lil Mop Top, Mi$cellaneous, and Kidd Rebel. 
Cam Carter will be performing live at the World Famous-Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame venue, The Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California on March 5, 2021.
Cam Carter and Raquel Aurilia just dropped “Reaching Out For You” produced by Gardner Cole in December.  It’s a song designed to bring people together during this uncertain time where the world fears human contact, to remind people that love conquers all things.  It is available on all music platforms.