Congressional leaders are finally getting things in order after months of a bitter stalemate and as millions of Americans have been eager for relief. 

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Politicians are finally indicating they are nearing a new rescue package that could pass both chambers within days. Relief that so many families need to survive. Not only is there no Christmas spirit, but people are also simply trying to maintain it. 

This new deal is expected to include a new round of stimulus checks, but no money for state and local aid, a priority Democrats had pushed for, and no lawsuit protections, which Republicans wanted, according to a source briefed on the talks. 


Sources caution that nothing is final until it is unveiled, but that’s where this is headed at the moment. However, once details are unveiled, Hill leaders will have to sell the plan to their caucuses and try to ram it through Congress quickly — all with the threat of a shutdown looming at the top of next week. 

“As of Friday, talks hit a snag over the inclusion of language that would restrict the Fed’s ability to restart expiring lending programs in 2021 under a Biden administration,” Raymond James.

Lets hope the worst is over and things can get back to some sense of normalcy.