Lil Pump is jumping on the crypto train with the South Florida rapper announcing a new PumpCoin cryptocurrency.

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In a similar fashion to Lil Yachty, Pump is joining forces with Fyooz, in order to create his own PumpCoin, which essentially allows fans to buy into the young rapper, banking on future success for the coin to go up in value. Per Fyooz, owners of the PumpCoin token “will have an opportunity to play Call of Duty or NBA 2k21 live and 1:1 with Lil Pump.”

“Together, Fyooz and artists are setting the stage for the mainstream adoption of digital assets, as fans globally flock to own a little piece of everyone they love, in a token,” reads a statement issued by Fyooz.


It was earlier this week that the aforementioned Yachty embarked on a similar venture with the platform, with his own coin quickly selling out within 41 minutes, raising $400,000. Due to SEC regulations, the coins are only made available to fans outside of the United States and the same will be true for Pump’s currency.

Whether or not Lil Pump’s token is worth the investment is up to the fans. While he saw considerable success with 2017’s “Gucci Gang” breakout and his Harverd Dropout debut album last year, there isn’t much indication of what his next musical moves will prove to be.