It has been a tough a couple of months for Lil Durk. Since the Nov. 6 death of his close friend and mentee, King Von, the Chicago native took a break from social media. Durk deactivated his Instagram account and went rouge as he grieved the shocking loss, but over a month and a half later, Durkioo is back to pay tribute to “his twin” and drop a new track titled “Backdoor.”

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King Von was shot in Atlanta in November after a fight with rapper Quando Rondo and his associates. Von was later pronounced dead at an Atlanta hospital after failing to recover from gunshot wounds. While it has been tough on everyone close to Von, Durk continues to honor the life of the Levon James rapper.

During his return to Instagram on Sunday (Dec. 20), Lil Durk dropped his first picture in almost two months with the caption: “#DOIT4VON.” In the picture, he honors King Von with a custom red “V. Roy” LA Dodgers cap.


The OTF founder later previewed the new track titled, “Backdoor” before dropping it at midnight.

“I love y’all like my family #doit4von,” Durkio said on Twitter. Peep Durk’s new track and video “Backdoor” below.