While 2020 has been a rough year for most Americans, it has been especially rough for NBA basketball legend Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors superstar joined daytime talk show host Tamron Hall alongside his wife Ayesha Curry to discuss their mission to help underprivileged children through their Eat. Learn. Play. foundation. Curry also spoke at length about his return to basketball following his torn Achilles injury and his continued commitment and loyalty to the Golden State Warriors. Steph and Ayesha also spoke about their relationship and how they both support each others’ respective careers.

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Steph spoke about his expected return to basketball following a decidedly rough season not just for Curry, but for the entire Golden State team as well, saying:

“I’m excited. Like you said, last year was a little rough. I got to sit on the sidelines and watch the guys down in Orlando play and to start this year, to come back, be healthy and chase another championship, we’re really excited about it. To obviously start in New York is a little different energy, and we’re excited. It’s a brand new season, there’s a lot of different circumstances obviously, so trying to stay safe and make sure the season kind of goes through smoothly, but you know with all of the precautions that we have, basketball’s back and I’m excited to get back out on the floor tomorrow.”

– Steph Curry

He also reiterated his support for the Warriors, emphasizing the family vibe and importance of a steady, long-term fan base:


“I think if you look in NBA history, there’s not a lot of guys who have been able to play for multiple years, or double-digit years, with the same team, the same organization and for the same fan base, and win championships and accomplish your goal that way. So with all that we have accomplished, I think there’s obviously a lot more left in the tank. And so I’m not talking retirement anytime soon…This league is crazy, there’s a lot of change, but I think for me to be able to play for one organization my whole career, that’s definitely a goal and I’m excited about it.”

Ayesha also spoke about how her Jamaican roots served as a role model for her and Steph’s relationship, emphasizing the importance of equality.

“Jamaican roots- I’ve learned everything I’ve learned from them” [Curry’s mother and grandmother]. “And then on the flip side of that, it’s been so wonderful to have this husband in my life who’s just so encouraging of me doing all of these things and, not to be cheesy, but leans in and we’re equal partners and I love that so much.” Of her marriage to Steph, she says: “We started as friends in high school, kind of acquaintances, we’d talk every once in a while and then kind of rekindle the flame a few years later out in California incidentally. It was just a connection that started naturally and built over time. And to be now 13 years later, almost married 10 years and three kids and all of the amazing things going on, it’s pretty crazy to know where our humble beginnings started.”

While Steph continues to show appreciation to his fans, they may have to wait to see the NBA legend play in person. The Golden State Warriors take on the Brooklyn Nets December 22 at 7 pm EST. Like all NBA games, no fans will be in attendance.