50 Cent has been in the Verzuz discussion more than once. Earlier this year, T.I. called him out multiple times to get to the stage, but that fell on deaf ears of the G-Unit CEO. Lately, Wack 100 has been working behind the scenes to get Fif and The Game to the Verzuz stage. Most recently, Ja Rule egged on his arch-nemesis by saying he “doesn’t want smoke” for Verzuz. Now 50 Cent is chiming in on who Lil Wayne and Drake should go head to head with. When asked, he proposed that the two legends face each other.

“I think because of the momentum, the best thing would be Wayne vs. Drake. To keep it real with you, there are two different styles in the same period so it will be entertaining enough to watch both of them.”

50 Cent

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Of course, Wayne is the reason for Drake’s path to a legendary career and we have yet to see a rapper and his protege participate in a Verzuz battle.

Back in 2014, the two went on the legendary Drake v. Lil Wayne tour, where they went head for head and rocked the crowd with a number of hits. Since then Drake’s stock has risen and has gotten even more hits under his belt. With that being said, Fif still doesn’t think fans would be as entertained as they were with Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s longstanding beef.


“It won’t be negative so it won’t be the same attention as ‘I’m smoking on Pooky Loc’,” stated Fif. He was referring the Gucci’s insulting words to Jeezy during their record-breaking Verzuz battle last month.