It’s been two years since Playboi Carti dropped his debut studio album, Die Lit. And ever since then, fans of the Atlanta rapper have been dying for more music.

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Carti has been teasing some music for a while, and on Monday, he announced that his sophomore album, Whole Lotta Red, will be dropping on Christmas day.

The cover features Carti in black and white and is an homage to Slash Magazine. Slash was a Los Angeles based magazine that covered the underground punk rock scene in the ’70s.


Carti, who is embracing his vampiric influences in his upcoming album, dropped merch to go along with the album’s preorder. Many people, however, were taken aback by the merchandise’s satanic imagery. Merchandise includes t-shirts, shorts, and other accessories with inverted crosses, pentagrams, and other satanic imagery.

Kanye West, who is set to be featured on Carti’s new album, has rekindled his connection to God in these last couple of years and seems dead set on preaching and spreading the word. Many people started to wonder how West is reacting to the satanic merchandise.