SBCollector, known formally as Chris Robinson, made his musical debut on Spotify at the tail end of 2020, coming in hot with a few tracks that are sure to make this year at least a little better (we’ll take all we can get). SBCollector dropped four singles, Masterpiece, Undercut, In and Out, and Elevate. But today, I’m going to be diving into a fan favorite… Undercut. 

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A simple yet driving electric guitar intro becomes underscored by a crunchy, synthed out piano. This leads us to a well timed drop, where SB’s skill really shows through. His layering of snares, kicks and tropical synthetic vocals over the established guitar and piano is impeccably mixed. His music makes for easy listening, and provides an auditory experience that’s at once hopeful and wistful. SBCollector takes us out just as we came in with that western sounding electric guitar.

SBCollector shows not only his mastery of production, but what hard work and dedication can lead to if an artist can stay focused on their individual sound. 


SBCollector’s music is streaming on all major platforms, and you can find him on Instagram here.