It’s about to be a year since the untimely passing of Pop Smoke and his team continues to keep his name alive.

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The visuals for the Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon cut, “What You Know About Love” was released on Wednesday.

The music video was helmed by Oliver Cannon and features a compilation of behind-the-scenes moments, performances, timeless moments with his loved ones, and Tik Tok users performing the dance challenge.


The flick concludes with a motivational message from the Woo himself. “I don’t know who needs to hear this bro, but don’t let nobody ever tell you you can’t do nothing,” he tells the camera. “Whatever you wanna do, just f—ing do it. Don’t look back.”

Pop Smoke was only 20-years-old when he was gunned down in a Beverly Hills rental home. He’s reportedly survived by a 1-year-old and has hundreds of unreleased records in the vault.

Check out the video below: