One of the celebrity-related COVID-19 stories that the culture kept up with was the health of Jeremih as he battled the virus. At one point the Chicago R&B star had a grim outlook, as friends like Chance the Rapper called for prayers as the singer was on a ventilator.

Jeremih has now recovered and connected with radio personality Kendra G of his hometown station WGCI to detail his road to recovery. Within the conversation, he speaks on how the virus has changed his life, including his ability to talk.

Jeremih also stresses the importance of the virus and taking it seriously, while also highlighting how he believes he got the virus.

The “Planes” singer would also share insight on how he felt about the vaccine, revealing he is a ways away from thinking about taking it as he is still receiving injections from his hospitalizations.

You can see the full interview below.