The Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA Championship in October without the help of former great and team executive Magic Johnson. Even though Johnson wasn’t the Lakers’ team president anymore, he still got himself a championship ring.

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Johnson took to Twitter on Saturday to show off the rings that were gifted to him and his wife Cookie by team owner Jeanie Buss. Johnson boldly proclaimed it to be “my 11th NBA championship ring.”

People took to social media to remind Johnson that he quit on the Lakers before the team reached greatness again.


During Johnson’s watch, the Lakers made questionable decisions that held the organization back. Those included letting talented players like Brook Lopez and Julius Randle walk for nothing, trading young big man Ivica Zubac to rival Clippers for nothing.

After Johnson quit on April 9, 2019, Rob Pelinka took over and within a year retooled the roster around Lebron James into a championship roster. Johnson is no doubt in the top three Lakers’ GOAT conversation. However flashy a championship ring he technically didn’t earn justified the social media roasting.