After days of indecision and calling for a raise in stimulus checks for American citizens, President Donald Trump signed the $2.3 trillion bill that has been sitting on his desk.

CNN reports with Trump’s signature comes an extension of unemployment benefits. The unemployment areas assist 12 million people as they will receive another 11 weeks of benefits, with a $300 weekly federal boost through Mid-March.

In addition to unemployment, help is $600 direct payment to American citizens, a distant amount from the $2,000 that Trump pushed for last week in a much-publicized press conference. Eviction protections are also extended after being enacted as apart of the $2 trillion CARES Act last March.

Last week Trump referred to the bill as a “disgrace” and called for an amendment to the decision. If Trump did not sign the deal, the aforementioned benefits would have hit a stop along with a government shut down.

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