Back in 2016, Iggy Azalea dated French Montana. During their stint together, the Australian rapper and Montana’s brother faced a lawsuit. Montana’s brother Ayoub Kharbouch, struck a skateboarding pedestrian with the vehicle. According to the victim, Kharbouch was “snap chatting and driving.”

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Although Iggy denied any involvement, she was the owner of the car that French’s little brother was driving. It was later revealed in 2018 that the victim sued for $250,000 in “personal injuries” and emotional distress.

After facing the suit for the last two years, Iggy’s team of attorneys have come through in the clutch. It was reported that they recently filed to throw the entire case out. There is no word on whether or not the victim will receive the financial settlement, but the case has reached its season finale.


Azalea recently made headlines for exposing her relationship problems with Playboi Carti, following the release of his new project, Whole Lotta Red. Iggy gave birth to their son Onyx, earlier this year.