The Warriors are far removed from the dynasty they once were just a few seasons ago. The team didn’t make the playoffs last season and with one-half of the splash brothers Klay Thompson out for the year, the Warriors could see themselves struggling again. If that’s the case, Draymond Green could be used to create assets for the Warriors.

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Speaking this week on his podcast, NBA insider Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports said that the Warriors could put Draymond Green on the trade market if they do not fare well upon Green’s return from injury.

“I’ll say this. If when Draymond comes back, they don’t fare well, we could see a scenario play out where Draymond will be put out on the market for trade bait,” said Haynes. “We could see that, the way this franchise is going.


“I know a team that would, oh my goodness, I know a team that would salivate if that was the case,” Haynes added. “I’m not gonna mention that … I know a team that would be salivating.”

Without question, the Warriors would prefer to hold on to Green. He has been a core member of the team and a staple for them on the defensive end during their championship run. The problem is, that the championship window has closed and the core of the team is getting older and they’re expensive.

 The Warriors’ new additions Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre have looked horrifically bad to start this season. The Warriors are already facing a huge tax bill, so moving Green would help relieve some of that. In the end, trading away the heart and soul of the team is only a last resort if the Warriors don’t look competitive come January and February.