Back in November, Benzino took some shots at Eminem and his loyal fan base. Their feud has been going on since Benzino was the head of The Source, and the only person who seems to still care about the beef is Benzino. On Tuesday night (December 29), Royce Da 5’9 chimed in, making fun of Benzino for still living in 2006.

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“I can’t wait till Benzino get on Clubhouse,” Royce tweeted. “A Front row seat to the most obligatory pseudo toxic masculine tough guy talk the world has ever seen. Please Clap for this hoe ass nigga so he can try to move on. He stuck in 06.”

Benzino responded to Royce in a string of now-deleted Tweets. He challenged Royce to a Verzuz battle, and called him Eminem’s favorite “housenigga.”


“Nigga it took that long to answer you Fy king slave,” he wrote. “after you finish washing his drawers and sucking his dick holla at me. You the biggest coon in hip you sellout. How cam you be Malcom X and Sambo joe at the same damn time? I’m not Lil pump u fuck boi.”

He added, “I didn’t think it would take you this long to put your Kkkrakka cape on, you trying to look good in front of other side but they don’t fuck wit u either bozo How come u never said nothing about the racist tapes mepro black. The world knows your marshals lap dog.

“@Royceda59 you had EMs platform this long and still irrelevant? You still ain’t blown? You been sucking his dick so long you forgot that ur an artist too. It wasn’t t long ago when you going at him so now u think niggas won’t go at him because of u? U a whole Pussy our here.”

Royce responded to Benzino, calling him a “butt naked failure” and telling him to go raise his daughter and “put some clothes on.”

He then hopped back on Instagram where he continued to fry Benzino.

“I don’t want no problems with you Mr 5 mics in the source. The streets know You dangerous when you desperate so Ain’t no telling what lengths you’re willing to elevate this misunderstanding to,” Royce captioned a clip of Benzino’s “The Bigger Picture” music video. “so put your shell back on and go do karate with the rest of the ninja turtles. I’m a God fearing, Peaceful fully clothed man.”

Benzino continued his shots at Royce, but Royce chose not to respond, knowing he already won.

Royce then took to Instagram where he responded to Benzino’s Verzuz challenge.

“Y’all owe me for these laughs. I want my flowers for these hysterical outbursts during these trying times… 🌹🌹This mufuka dun challenged me to a Verzuz battle…” he said in his IG post. “🤦🏿‍♂️ He prefaced this with “My Catalogue” 🔥 Shut the noise… I better get outta town … Im not worthy… 🙌🏿 Challenge not accepted but big props to I see booty I see Booty. Don’t think we even got a venue that could facilitate that massive holy bible of art. Gave me Lennon vibes… Seeing you perform that shit live with the Roots is like top 3 bucket list for me… For real For real.. 👑”