According to a confirmed report, federal prosecutors have denied Kodak Black’s request for compassionate release, stating that he hasn’t presented a reason to be released early and that his motion failed to follow legal porcedure.

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“(Kodak Black) has not presented ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ supporting his request for release,” assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce O. Brown said aboout Black’s motion. “Stated more correction, (Kodak Black) has not presented ANY reason supporting his request for release. He merely states he is not an evil person and promises to participate in community-based programs aimed at helping the ‘younger generation.’ That simply is inadequate pursuant to the statute.”

Black pleaded guilty in August 2019 to making a false statement to obtain a firearm. He was sentenced to 46 months, which is the minimum of the suggested sentence according to federal sentencing guidelines. Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, is currently incarcerated in USP Thomson Illinois and is slated for release in November 2022. 


Kodak hand wrote his compassionate release motion from his cell, stating that he could help the younger generations not follow in his negative path.

“With all due deference, I come in truth,” he wrote. “I acknowledge my mistakes and I take full responsibility for my actions. I am not a evil or demented person. I am salvageble (sic) and I have the ability and potential to live a prosperous and positive life.”