The world is evolving with each passing second. The dynamics of every single thing has changed ever since it came into existence. Powered substantially by technological advancement and global integration, the speed with which everything is changing is continuously increasing. This change has not only affected daily life routines but has also changed the outlook of work. So much so that the operational framework of every organization has revolutionized to a great extent.

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Gone are the days when people stood by the archaic thinking of mastering a single skill. The world now demands agility, versatility, and adaptability. Surviving with a single skill at this point in time is extremely difficult. In light of famous business moguls’ sayings’ ‘if you have only one point of income, then you are one step away from poverty.’ This saying exactly elucidates the need to have more than one skill. Having more than one skill gives one an edge over their competitors, enabling them to perform better than them. It gives one a sense of empowerment and uniqueness.

The art of developing multiple skills in this day and age is called ‘Skill Stacking.’ The reason why it is called art is that not everybody can do it. It is a gift possessed by people who strive to achieve what they deeply desire. Skill stacking is a survival skill that should be mastered by all to sustain in this modern world. To embrace and conquer uncertain times, being a polymath is the way to go. Cross-discipline skills enable one to survive and thrive in enigmatic situations and help them adapt to a polymathic life.


The Future Belongs to Integrators’ – Educator Earnest Boyer

True to the quote, Gianni Mendes – an Italian immigration lawyer, has aced the art of diversifying his skill set. An inspiration for many aspiring young talents and the ones stepping into the world of adulting; this man has beaten all odds and successfully built his empire from scratch. He is the epitome of determination and success. His relentless dedication towards acquiring his career objectives is very impressive.  

A Quick Look at His Background

Born in the megalopolis Sao Paulo, Brazil, Gianni spent most of his childhood in Italy. Lawsuits and law firms allured him from a very young age. And so, to pursue his career in law, he enrolled in the University of Bologna, known as the oldest university in the Western world. He graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2002. Driven by passion, he took a bold step to leave his hometown in 2003 to be closer to his dream. He chose Florida in the United States, to be his home as he worked his way to the top. Just like any other youngster, he too struggled initially and managed to get himself in the University of Miami to complete his Masters in Law. Gianni thought that an additional academic qualification would push his career a bit further, and it rightly did so. He did face his fair share of the ‘unemployed phase’ but never gave up. He was finally offered a job by a reputable litigation law firm in Los Angeles – California. 

The tables had turned for Mendes. In a very short time, he had marked himself as one of the most diligent and professional immigration lawyers in the US and had garnered a lot of attention. He possessed the quality of being a crowd-pleaser and had consequently earned the title of being the ‘Guru’ of immigration from his colleagues and clients.

Mendes believed in being unique and never wanted to stick to only one job. He turned his dream of building an empire into reality by starting his own law firm. In 2009, TLRT, an Italian-American law firm, was founded by him in collaboration with his friends Tosolini, Lamura, and Rasile. It was all the way up for him from here. His company allowed him to interact with some of the leading entertainment figures in the industry. This interaction rejuvenated his love for music. 

Being a Multipotential Personality

Mendes had a knack for always doing something extra. Nurtured in the realms of Brazil and Italy, Gianni was inclined towards music from the very beginning. He was hugely inspired by his father’s friends who were Flamenco (Spanish folklore music) artists. His love for music made him learn guitar at the age of 4. Growing up, he did not steer away from music and kept practicing it often. He got exclusive exposure to the music industry when he worked as an immigration attorney for mainstream artists. After much practice and learning, Gianni released his first music album ‘Colores’ in 2002, the same year he got his Juris Doctor degree. Although Gianni decided to follow the professional career, he never abandoned his love for music. He continued performing and recording, more as a hobby than as a job.  After a while, he decided to release to the greater public his latest self-composed Pop-Latin track ‘Te Amare’. Mendes has taken on the tag of being a musical artist like a pro and made quite a few strides in the industry.  His first single was well received by the media, with several Italian media publications naming it ‘the hit of 2020’s summer’.

Gianni’s musical venture brought with itself lots of attention from the media and the public. His lavish lifestyle and unparalleled skills became the talk of the town. His Instagram followers count increased rapidly, making him an influencer in no time. Currently, Mendes has more than 70,000 followers on Instagram and is counted as an influential Italian-American figure. 

Balancing a Diverse Skillset

Gianni handles both his law and music career exceptionally well. Not only has he established his company as a well-reputed Italian-American law firm but has also extended his law services in major metropolises like New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Milan, and Rome. The ‘Te Amare’ singer continues to work in the music industry and intends to produce more tracks in the coming times. 

This lawyer turned musician, and an internet sensation has slammed the typical ‘Jack of All, Master of None’ mindset. Gianni’s work-life displays an excellent example of how to be successful in both; a corporate and a non-corporate environment. His journey serves as an inspiration for those who wish to transform their side hobby into a full-time earning opportunity.