As we get ready to enter the New Year, many already have plans on leaving the negative energy behind in 2020 … but funds? That’s a new one.

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Chicago rapper Lil Reese mistakenly leftover $20,000 in his uber ride. The rapper took to his Instagram to share the entire experience. “Can’t believe I just left $20K plus in Uber bro,” he posted with multiple mad emojis.

Fans were in the comments taunting Lil Reese for being irresponsible and predicting that the Uber driver would not return the $20,000.


Usually, when you leave something in an uber, the driver would have no issue dropping the item back off to you. Luckily, this was the case for Lil Reese, and hours later he gave his fans an update on the cash. “He brong that 20K plus back f*ck yall mean.”

Lil Reese did not make mention if he rewarded the driver for giving his money back but Lil Reese’s fans let it be known that if they were in the situation, they would not have returned the cash. “You mean to tell me a Uber driver had 20K in his backseat from Lil Reese hahaha sorry I’m moving out of chiraq you taking that L n*gga,” one fan commented.

“If I was the driver. Then Lil Reese just lost 20k. That ain’t even hard,” another fan commented.

Another fan was more concerned with the rapper being in the Uber in the first place, “Lil Reese say he left $20K in his uber. Aint no way I got 20K on me & I’m in the back of a uber OnGod,” he tweeted.

Hopefully, Lil Reese did reward the uber driver for his good deed. Would you have given the money back?

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