A new mystery box platform released in March, taking the eCommerce industry by storm: Lootie. It seems Lootie was perfectly poised to grab a massive market share of the eCommerce industry by popping up at the perfect time. The COVID pandemic was just getting started, and in the midst of lockdowns, people were hungry for a thrilling & exciting shopping experience.
Little did we know: the COVID lockdowns extended for multiple months across the world. By serendipity, Lootie leveraged itself into becoming a leader in the streetwear and fashion space. Sure enough, Lootie now has over a million customers, a 4.8 trust rating on Trustpilot, and has had hundreds of thousands of mystery boxes sold online. Lootie’s rise in a world of lockdowns has been historic and legendary.

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What exactly is it about a lockdown that made people turn to Lootie and see its awesomeness? Studies seem to indicate that during a lockdown, people become a lot more bored, and start to look for avenues of fun. Shopping is a major source of fun — the activity of shopping in a mall or a new store lights up our brain’s dopamine-related synapses. However, in most countries where lockdowns are implemented, people are unable to go shopping freely.

The fun of walking down a store aisle simply isn’t accessible to the public anymore. People thus turned to the world of online shopping to satisfy their needs, but it hasn’t exactly been working. It simply isn’t the same — staring at long lists of search results, reading reviews, finding the right product to buy… It doesn’t evoke the same thrill or excitement as IRL shopping does.


The key here was to find a happy medium. Something was necessary that evokes the same feelings as shopping IRL — maybe even something better — but that something must still be accessible via an online source, since lockdowns made anything else impossible.

Well, as it turned out, Lootie was absolutely perfect for that. Lootie’s mystery boxes come in various shapes and sizes: from Yeezy boxes to Off White Box, from Hypebeast shoes to Apple mystery box. Each mystery box is exactly what it sounds like — a mystery.

Buyers never know exactly what they are going to get — all they know is what kind of item they are to get. This is shown in the box product catalogue. There’s something truly exciting and suspenseful about opening a mystery box and getting something unexpected.

It brings back what we love about shopping. We peruse aisles, hoping to strike gold and find something we weren’t looking for. This is what Lootie brings back to the table — the same exact feeling, packaged into an online experience.

There are several other benefits to the Lootie model too — instead of having to look through multiple reviews, purchase budgeting guides, etc. to find out exactly what to buy, you can simply purchase a mystery box directly. The hard decisions don’t need to be taken by you anymore: you can leave it all to Lootie instead.

During the initial wave of lockdowns in March, Lootie was quickly picked up by consumers, and has now exploded into a market leader. Remember — luck and opportunity (being at the right place at the right time) certainly gets you that initial boost, but it doesn’t necessarily get you one million loyal customers. How exactly has Lootie managed to not only stay successful, but continue growing exponentially?

The answer is simple: exceptional service and trust. Lootie ships out all of their customer purchases super fast, ensuring that you can have your product at your doorstep within no time. Lootie has created various ties with both official merchants like Off White, Yeezy, Apple etc. to get authentic direct-from-manufacturer boxes, and with verification sources like StockX to ensure streetwear fashion merchandise and sneakers are delivered in mint and authentic condition.

This is a major step up from other eCommerce sites, which don’t have rigorous verification systems, or fair guarantees. Other sites (especially eBay third-party retailers) have reputations for ripping customers off, by either providing fake goods, or worse, not delivering the product at all! Lootie’s relationship with official merchandise providers solves all of this, as every product you buy is guaranteed to be completely real.

In fact, Lootie believes in this fact so much that they have a full refund guarantee: if anything you purchase from their mystery boxes happens to be faulty, damaged, missing, etc., you will be entitled to a full refund. It’s a beautiful and rare thing for a company to have so much trust in itself and its partners — it bodes extremely well for Lootie’s trust levels, and its future as an eCommerce platform.

Lootie has exploded, and it continues to do so day by day. Customers are loving it, and it’s helping merchants push thousands of new sales every day.

Sign up on Lootie.com today and be a part of the worldwide explosive revolution.