A networking opportunity unlike no other is one way to best summarize the OutDaMud experience, but the platform supersedes a mere showcasing of talent: it’s all about creating impact. Social Currency Enterprises, a North Carolina based full-service entertainment company (ZayTheGOAT, Littlejohn4k, Tianis Rose, Young Sunny Boy, HotBoy Shaq and more), has a team of industry professionals with a proven track record of success. With a resume that virtually speaks for itself, John “Sport E. Odie” Adams has managed to translate his fondness for nightlife merriment into creating opportunities for others by providing a platform.

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2020 has been the year of the unimaginable, but music has remained the one constant facet of entertainment that continues to heal and inspire many. In partnership with DJ E Sudd (2 Chainz, Street Execs), OutDaMud was created as a byproduct of innovation. With the success of both OutDaMud: Charlotte and OutDaMud: South Carolina, Social Currency Enterprises is now primed to bring their movement to the mecca of Black entertainment and Hip-Hop, Atlanta. Happening on January 23, 2021, SCE is coming to shake up Hotlanta’s music scene and break music barriers one performance at a time. OutDaMud: Atlanta is a must-attend event for any established or up-and-coming artist who wants to be heard.
“I’ve spent years building the platform, now it’s time to utilize it.” — John “Sport E. Odie” Adams on OutDaMud