Cardi B is expanding her skills in her newest show, Cardi Tries on Facebook Watch. Throughout the series, viewers follow the Grammy-winning rapper as she takes on a number of bucket list activities for the first time. Bardi learns ballet from the legendary Debbie Allen and even tries race car driving as well.

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In her latest episode, she takes her game to the hardwood. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper calls on NBA Superstar Damian Lillard to coach her through the game. Cardi meets Dame Dolla at one of his camps where he is coaching kids as well. Cardi steps out of her comfort zone learn the fundamentals of the game. She learns to dribble, shoot, and pass. Because it is her first time doing so, she struggles a bit but remains persistent in the effort.

“5 inch nails and basketball? Damian Lillard launches Cardi’s promising NBA career! Does Cardi have what it takes to be the next dunk champ?”


It is unlikely with the superstar’s 5’3″ height. But with practice and an astronomical vertical leap, anything is possible.

Peep Cardi B’s full episode on Facebook Watch here.