50 Cent has said a lot of distasteful things regarding his opinion in the media industry. The rapper is notoriously known for his trolling and sometimes offensive jokes. This time, something must have softened the rapper’s heart because his comments were far from his usual.

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After Nicki Minaj revealed her baby boy to the internet. 50 was one of the many people to adore the pictures of the beautiful new born. “Look at them cheeks, we got another I would say south side but this baby rich. Look at him I think he know he rich already,” the rapper wrote.

When Minaj posted the pictures of her son she also revealed that his nickname is “Papabear” but 50 seemed to have a different idea. “Y’all can call him papa bear but I’m calling him Richie Rich.”


50 could be referring to the Fendi prints that Nicki Minaj had her son dripped out in. “Just so happens that I already had the exact same stroller. It’s my fave. Love you, Silvia. Thank you for everything #FendiPrintsOnMySonToo,” Minaj wrote on IG.

Congratulations to Nicki Minaj on her baby boy…..and to 50 … for finally being nice on his social media.