In the year 2020, we have lost so many creative minds and artists on the rise. One of the lives the industry lost in 2020 was Chicago rapper, King Von, who was murdered outside of an Atlanta nightclub after a dispute with another rapper.

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Since his passing, Asian Doll has been very vocal about her pain and grief at the loss of her ex-boyfriend. In an upcoming episode of Peace of Mind with Taraji Asian Doll shares what it was like once she heard that the love of her life passed away. In the 20 second clip, Asian Doll explains that once she found out about the passing of King Von her “whole world just crashed.”

“I had never felt a feeling like that. It’s like I was just broken,” she stated.


Asian Doll then describes her and King Von’s relationship prior to his passing. She explains that at the time, her and the rapper weren’t on the best of terms at the moment. I want to say like six days before he passed away, we had broken up and I was real hard on him. I was not trying to see him. I did not want to see him at all.”

In the preview of the episode, Asian Doll describes King Von as her soulmate. “It was more like a soulmate. It’s like dang I met you before, like how I feel so connected to you?” She also tells Taraji that Von was her first real boyfriend, her first love.

“It is ok to feel. You loved that man and he died suddenly. He was taken in a senseless murder. You know that’s not something you just push through and try to cope with,” Taraji said to Asian to comfort her.

If anyone can relate to Asian Doll it would be Taraji P. Henson, who lost the father of her son, Marcel, to murder back in 2003.

You can catch the full episode between Asian Doll and Taraji P. Henson on January 4th at 12 PM EST on Facebook Watch.