Ahmaud Arbery’s tragic death was one of the countless unarmed shootings of an unarmed Black person that happened in 2020.

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The father and son duo Travis and Greg McMichael, who chased and gunned Arbery down filed for a motion to not have him referred to as a victim during trial.

Their argument is that they can’t conclude that he was a victim until after the verdict.


According to TMZ, they’ve both pleaded not guilty and claim they acted in self-defense so adjectives like “victim” hold a lot of weight.

The McMichaels want neutral language used to avoid prejudice jurors because they believe that they didn’t do anything wrong by killing Ahmaud Arbery.

That’s not all. The McMichaels only want one image used by himself and they don’t want his family members to be able to identify him in court.

The reason for this motion is they argue that the series of photos will cause an ingrained bias in the jury’s mind and paint Ahmaud to be the harmless victim that he is. Additionally, these thugs don’t want the family involved with the belief that emotional outbursts will sway the jurors.

In a nut shell, the McMichaels are trying to slam dunk this case.