When it comes to Hip-Hop’s Cash Kings, it is no doubt that Drake rounds out the top earners on the list. In 2020, the OVO founder came in at No. 42 in the Forbes list of highest earning celebrities. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he came in at 7th with a net worth of $180 Million for the richest rappers list. To be in the top percentile of earners speaks to his consistency, dedication, and execution as Spotify’s most-streamed artist.

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Drake recently took to his Instagram story where he previewed one of his wealthiest assets. In a post and delete, his followers caught a glimpse of his Yacht. According to the picture, the Titanic-like infrastructure resembled the hallway of a home. Instead, it was his home on the water. The caption under the photo read: “Yacht finishes all 2021.”

If his caption is any indication, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Drizzy’s latest acquisition. In 2019 he stunned fans when he revealed his own personal private charter plane, “Air Drake,” that costed over $220 million according to CNN.