Vlad Lyubovny, also known as DJ Vlad has been been the face of controversy lately as the interviewer has been getting confronted left and right from his interview series, Vlad TV.

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New Jersey rapper, Tsu Surf recently confronted Vlad by stating that his show likely gets his guest indicted. This got a lot of people talking after drawing conclusions of their own from Surf’s claims. “You got a couple n*ggas indicted,” Surf began.

“Realistically, there is a such thing as bait. You’re a baiter. Of course, you wouldn’t say, ‘I got anybody indicted’ but you fish. You feel me? And some of my peers, some of the people that sat in this seat aren’t smart or witty enough to know when there is bait being swung their way, or when they are supposed to dip the bait. You know how they say it’s unknown CI’s? You didn’t do it but … hell yeah,” the rapper finished.


Vlad denied the claims and said that he has never cooperated with the police and never plans to.

As of recent, Vlad is now being called out by 50 Cent. If You know about the successful businessman that 50 cent is today then you know that his story hasn’t always been glitz and glam. The rapper experienced a traumatic shooting in the year 2000 that resulted in 50 being hit in the arms, hands, legs, and mouth.

In a recent episode of VladTV, Vlad titles his newest video, “Kal Dawson was in the car when 50 Cent Got Shot 9 Times, Kal Got Shot Also (Part 3).” It’s safe to say 50 Cent is not a fan of this video as the rapper posted the screenshot of the video to his Instagram with the caption, “I want this video taken down now!”

Now it is unclear of the accuracy of the story, but 50 did post the screenshot with the words “FRAUDULENT” over the photo. However, fans seem to be over the story as well. “Take Vlad down with the video,” one fan commented.

“Detective Vlad, back at it again,” another fan commented.

“Vlad I swear smh. He literally sells us our own trauma. Culture Vulture af,” another fan penned.

What do you think? Is DJ Vlad too controversial for HipHop?