“When I make music I want to do more than just make your head bop. I want to give you hip-hop and a message than can help navigate through life” –Blakk Gawd

Da’Very Ezell Joseph who is better known as Blakk Gawd is a lyrical mastermind. From his delivery, his energy, and the way he soundly floats over the beat; Blakk Gawd respectfully grabs your attention. Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado Blakk Gawd is definitely bringing attention to the box state. Born in San Diego, California and raised in Slidell, Louisiana Blakk uses that to his advantage. From his first album “Loki” to his second album “Blakk Bianchi” Blakk gives the musical listeners a west coast vibe with a pinch of dirty south flavor.   

With two albums out and multiple singles to keep his buzz going Blakk showcases that he is not a one tune rap artist. With tracks like “To the Fullest” and “Lord Forgive Me” Blakk shows his intellectual craftsmanship. Blakk subdues the listener into thinking about the perceptions of life and supplies them with the keys to becoming a better version of their true self. Right when you think that’s all Blakk has to offer he provides an array of high energies by releasing tracks like “Fressh Fressh” and “Dealio”. Not to the bore the musical audience with the same tunes, Blakk Gawd stimulates the conscious minds with chill vibes by dropping his latest singles “Dream” and “Love Like This”. His single “Fressh Fressh” featuring PrettyMF on Spotify alone has over 170,000 streams and counting. Blakk Gawd believes in dedication, sacrificing time to build his craft, and letting God guide his footsteps.            


“God placed me here, he gave me a gift, and He gave me willpower. He didn’t do all that just so I can fail. He did all that to make sure I have the tools needed to walk into my blessing of greatness. That’s why every time I make a song I find a way to include him because without Him I am nothing”    

Blakk Gawd is also the creator and CEO of C7 Records. The motto for this Gawd family/organization is “IF IT AIN’T C7, THEN WHAT IT IS?” Being raised by a God fearing man to become a God fearing man, Blakk wanted to make sure everything he does gives God His recognition and that everyone around him understands it’s God first. 

“”C” stand for Christ. “7” is the seven days He took to make the world and rest within it. Christ is the official way to the Father. C7Official. Without God I am nothing, but with Him I can be everything. I will never be ashamed to say that.”

Blakk Gawd is showing what it takes to be a successful independent artist. He is a fresh new vibe that should be embraced by the hip-hop community. With his third album on the way titled, “Blakk Bianchi II” Blakk Gawd will no doubt win over a few more souls. To find out more about Blakk Gawd, visit https://www.c7recordsllc.com/  or follow him out on Instagram @blakkgawd.

Watch Blakk Gawd’s latest video “Dream” below.