It seems like FL-based rap genius Harry Wright, better known in the industry as Dirty Harry, has absolutely no intention to slow down to let us digest what he’s been dropping lately, as he releases his new joint, “Shake Back,” with powerful visuals to accompany the track. During the previous months, the rapper dropped several new releases. He proves that the saying “stay hungry stay foolish” is as relevant as ever in his case. His urge to create, along with his raw, sharp talent, selfless dedication and hard work – one that definitely pays off as every new song he releases gets even better than the previous ones, leaving no doubt he is the rap game’s promising future. 

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Being released after two underground masterpieces, “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights,”  “Shake Back” proves that the success and hype of his latest songs was no lucky turn of events. The artist’s lyricism is one of the best examples of urban poetry that goes way beyond hip-hop, and finds its best expression on “Shake Back.” The strong lyricism matches perfectly with the artist’s rapping mannerism and natural charisma. The topics he chooses, or that choose him, are mostly native to the genre yet utmostly universal. Thus, his music speaks to those beyond hip-hop as well.

And now, the brand new official music video for his latest fiery offering “Shake Back” has been released! A very special creation that displays the flawless mastery of Dirty Harry as a rapper, skillful cee-lo player, and his inspiration from the 90s era. Again, not without beautiful ladies, the music video is modest, with no half-naked, twerking or stripping bodies. Very appealing to the eye, this music video shows the best from the past with an inspiration that stems directly from today’s current world events. There is no doubt his confident moves and regular releases like “Shake Back” will surely boost his rise as one of the greatest artists of the Hip-Hop genre in 2021. 

Getting his inspiration from legendary rap masters like Tupac, Dr.Dre, and Biggie, Dirty Harry approaches hip-hop with special care, respect, and a deep understanding of the craft. Each of his releases takes the genre enthusiasts back to OG sounds. “Shake Back” also has that spirit and aura. It is overflown with the atmospheric vibe of the realest rap. Always keep an eye on the young artist as Harry does not want you to breathe for a minute without him releasing something new and better than the previous. He keeps moving forward, developing with each step he takes, with no fear in his heart about his path, and consistently blessing us with epic releases just like “Shake Back.” 


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