The REFORM Alliance is continuing to fight the good fight. Their latest achievement is the passing of three new laws in Michigan, SB 1048, SB 1050, and SB 1051, which will reshape the state’s probation and parole system. The new parameters will help thousands of people get out of the criminal justice system safely.

The new laws will reduce adult felony probation sentences in Michigan from five years to three years, prevent endless extensions on misdemeanor and felony probation terms, like that experienced by REFORM co-chair Meek Mill.

In addition, the new laws prevent endless extensions on misdemeanor and felony probation terms, limit jail sanctions for technical probation violations, and require parole supervision terms to be tailored to a person’s individualized risks and needs.

“It’s encouraging to watch bipartisan leaders from different states recognize the need for fair and rational legislation focused on creating second chances for those in the criminal justice system,” REFORM co-chair Michael Rubin said. “We’re incredibly thankful for Governor Whitmer for signing these bills into law and for the coalition of groups that supported us throughout this process. This is a tremendous victory for REFORM and a strong way to start 2021.”

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Prior to Governor Gretchen Whitmer signing the laws, Michigan had the sixth-highest rate of probation supervision in the country with 172,000+ adults on probation and 17,000 on parole, costing the state over $59 million per year.

“This bipartisan legislation will bring meaningful change and opportunity to thousands of individuals and families across the state of Michigan,” REFORM CEO Van Jones said. “We thank Governor Whitmer for her fearless commitment and leadership to bolstering her state’s criminal justice system in a fair and balanced way. We look forward to continuing to work with her on impactful reform measures in the future.”

Previous efforts from REFORM have resulted in wins in both California and Louisiana.