Georgia is heavily on everyone’s mind today.

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Stacey Abrams was deemed the MVP of the 2020 election and rightfully so. Georgia’s former House Minority Leader remained on the grounds of the Peach state by emphasizing and encouraging taking action when it comes to voting. Her fierce and persistent leadership was monumental in President-elect Joe Biden’s becoming a victory in Georgia. Prior the Biden’s 2020 win, former President Bill Clinton (1992) was the last Democratic candidate to win the state.

On Tuesday (Jan. 5) Abrams appeared on The Breakfast Club morning show. She spoke on the importance of electing both John Ossof and Rev. Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s senate race.


“People need to believe in their own power,” stated Abrams. “Voting isn’t magic, but right now voting is medicine. Voting is how we fix where we today and start building towards what we need next.” This is the same voting power and message that was utilized to assure Biden’s GA win in such a crucial period in United States history. A repeat of that result is crucial.

Abrams also emphasized the lasting impact if Georgians don’t flex their voting power to elect Ossof and Warnock. These include healthcare, the lasting effects of COVID-19, and minority business support.

“Unlike a California or another state, we don’t have Medicaid expansion,” she says. “If you get sick here, and you are in the 1.4 million without health insurance, you are pretty much on your own.”

Stacey Abrams added that the state’s current leadership is failing to resolve COVID-19 and community-related issues. The last stimulus bill failed to include an allocated budget for municipalities and counties, which heavily affects homelessness, housing dollars, and more.

Check out the full interview with The Breakfast Club morning show below.