Hip Hop artist Dareel Sco, from Spring Valley, California, holds an extensive understanding of how to paint pictures with words. His music personifies a distinct sound that can’t be duplicated because the originality it holds is based off of the different cultures he’s experienced throughout his life. On December 24th, 2020, he dropped “Algorythm : Problem Solved” which is a 16 track project that features Nay Nichelle, Friday Love, Gani, Jessica Eldridge & Miguel.

One day during a video editing session where LuvFirst was first created, Sco found his reason with the passing of a close family member mixed with the pressures of becoming a young college student with 2 children. Hidden messages distinguish Sco from your typical artist in his music and here’s why…

His initial life conveyed a steady fight between the impacts of posse culture and the models that his military upbringing gave him. Later on in his young adult years his parents got positioned in Japan for a very long time. 3 years later, Sco’s parents received orders to Norfolk, VA. His parents made a permanent change by purchasing a home in Virginia Beach, VA and that is where Sco finished high school. Due to the likes of celebrities such as Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Pharrell Williams and The Clipse, the tidewater area was a melting pot of Hip Hop culture at the time. Ultimately, Sco graduated from Virginia Beach Salem High School. After that, in Petersburg, VA, he attended Virginia State University. These are the years where Sco began to really pursue music as a way of life. After recording his first mixtape, Sco began to gain a lot of online and VSU campus coverage.


Sco was regarded as one of the most hard-working independent musicians in the industry, rapidly moving on to today. Since he is an artist who focuses on the art of his craft, his versatility enables him to meet mainstream audiences around the world. LuvFirst is the marketing movement that is set in motion for individuals to first avoid hate and spread love. Keep an eye out for SCO in the future but for now subscribe, and enjoy his work.