Cardi B is making it clear as to why she doesn’t let her daughter with Offset, Kulture listen to her controversial hit record featuring Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP.”

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Here’s a controversial question to keep in mind, “should artists be concerned with being role models for kids?”

On Monday, the Bronx rapper explained that she isn’t making music for children. She had also made it clear that she is being paid to make hits. The Invasion of Privacy rapper explained that she balances work life and being a mommiana.


The comments initiated after an old Instagram Livestream of Cardi playing her hit single “WAP” resurfaced. When her two-year-old wandered into the room, Cardi immediately turned the music off.

After the video went viral, critics began to claim that Cardi is keeping her daughter from music that influences little girls already. In addition to the critics, Cardi tweeted about moms “who are strippers” that “pop pussy, twerk all night for entertainment.” She questioned, “does that mean they do it around their kids ?”

Belcalis concluding her point stated, “it’s pretty much common sense.”

At the end of the day, Cardi B is not the only artist slammed for their music and parenting. Let us know in the comments, should artists be concerned with being role models for kids?