As we get older, we learn that rules are made to be broken. We are told to be bold enough to live life on our terms and never apologize for anything. Bigg Tiny believes that some try their best to go against the grain, and others will take the road less traveled to experience self-actualization. Through it all, adversity will come about in different forms, and this is the test that defines our wit. Regardless of everything, a journey is a journey- nothing dictates that you first have to explore a forest then climb a forest. It’s all about perseverance, well, according to Bigg Tiny, a popular rapper from Pomona, California.

Bigg Tiny is exploring the heights of his talent. Music, for him, is an opportunity to express his thoughts and ghetto scriptures. It is a chance to tell his story, from how he grew up, the challenges he endured, and the achievements he has experienced. Rapping enables him to promote social changes and be part of an ever-evolving movement that envisions development for everyone. This is his way of ensuring that young people do not go through the same struggles he encountered.

He grew up in a single-parent home with three sisters and two brothers. His grandmother offered all the maternal assistance she could to ensure he grew up to become a strong person. While the love and affection of a fully stable family was never apparent in his home, Bigg Tiny says that the never-ending support from his family made him fearless. This is what he has used to forge himself a career in music. 


In 2006, Bigg Tiny finally got the opportunity to venture into the music business. His late cousin, Dre Capone, inspired him to venture into this industry. He remembers the vision he laid out to him, to be the best in the game. Dre Capone was in touch with old school music, and Bigg Tiny gradually picked up his style. While many might consider his rapping flow and vibe to be unorthodox, he has managed to win over the heart of many over the years. Amid the competition coming from other aspiring artists, Bigg Tiny knew that he must travel at his pace and not rush the process. He knew that his path could not be prescribed or replicated because every circumstance he experienced was unique.

More than 15 years later, Bigg Tiny is still a relevant name in the entertainment industry. It has been a bumpy road all along, but he never gave up on his dream. The journey continues for Bigg Tiny, and he looks forward to more music collaboration, and most importantly, growing the Bigg Tiny empire!