We are bombarded with music from different artists. Tuffy Doee believes that music entertains, informs, and enlightens. Musicians use the connection they create with fans to build on their reputation; at times, to fix their integrity. Some of them use impactful lyrics to enchant listeners, a decisive strategy that wins many. But, Tuffy Doee has a passion that is more than just music?

Tuffy Doee is a rapper from Suitland, Maryland. He says music has been the soundtrack of his life. It has allowed him to interact with both the civilized and uncivilized world through time and tune. Music gives him pleasure, which he cannot do without. Where words fail, he uses his talent to speak his mind. He knows all too well that there is more to everything he is doing in his career.

As a newborn at just 7 days old, Tuffy Doee was diagnosed with cancer. He was too young to remember the daunting effects of the condition. As he grew older, it became clear that his family offered the best support system that enabled him to beat cancer. He is now using music to exemplify the power of family and how we need to appreciate our loved ones through such debacles. For Tuffy Doee, music allows him to tell a story, to push relevant agendas that have desirable impacts on the welfare of people in our societies. His music makes people feel good about themselves. It allows him to motivate those who need inspiration to deal with life’s struggles.


Tuffy Doee says that relationships are worth more than money. An accurate statement that might not entirely be shared and appreciated by many. Like many musicians, he fulfills his purpose of engaging the masses, especially those attuned to his performance style. However, few know the kind of hustles, effort and work he has to put in to make a song. From getting a reputable producer and commendable record company, to an excellent, competent music manager. He often finds himself in situations where he has to interact with new people. The conversations he has with them further expose him to other personalities who have inevitably improved his music perspective. Through these established and reliable networks, he has managed to collaborate with other notable artists such as Black Youngsta, Ybn Almighty Jay, Marley G, and Fat Trel. Relationship building goes beyond just making music.

Music has been a matter of energy for Tuffy Doee, a question of what exactly fuels him. Sentimental people will call this inspiration, but for him, it is the fuel that is always needed to write lyrics, perform and connect with more people in his social circle. It’s more than just music!