Kanye West says he not letting his wife stroll out his life without fighting for her, although, she may drive out. TMZ reports for Christmas Kanye bought Kim Kardashian five 2021 Mercedes Maybach.

Clocking in at a minimum of $200,000 each, Kanye West put down a cool million dollars for his wife’s Christmas gift, which in return he is said to have received several James Turrell pieces of art. Not bad for two people allegedly headed for the splits.

The couple was reportedly reunited for Christmas as well, spending time with their four children.

With divorce as a possibility for the Hollywood couple, the two are still in marriage counseling and working to keep together and operate in the interest of their family. In a report from Page Six, Kim K has gone as far as securing a lawyer for the forthcoming legal battle. “Kim has hired Laura Wasser and they are in settlement talks,” the source said.

Do you think they will stick together?