Young Sunny Boy is primed to take his talent to new heights for 2021. After a hugely successful 2020, despite last year’s unfavorable gloom and doom, the Raleigh-based rapper has managed to carve out his own lane within North Carolina’s booming soundscape. Sonically, Young Sunny Boy is well-known for offloading catchy hooks and trigger-happy mentions, drawing creative insight from a life that has been one constant uphill battle. He’s young, charismatic, and one of Social Currency Enterprises’ more unconventional acts, possessing a unique balance of melody and mayhem, stylistically speaking.

2020’s self-titled ​Young Sunny Boy​ LP served as a formal introduction to the artist behind the music. With reigning in high praise for his solo effort ‘Pop Dat’ and the high energy release ‘Thuggin Hard,’ featuring Social Currency labelmate HotBoy Shaq, Young Sunny Boy is now ready to show the world the true range of his tonal versatility, starting with ​Partly Sunny​. A more melodic cadence, ​Partly Sunny​ provides listeners with a preview of YSB’s fondness for chord progression and lyric composition – but this is just the start of what will be a memorable year for this breakout talent. Like a crafty magician, Young Sunny Boy keeps an ace up his sleeve, and ​Icey Pistols​ — another project brewing to release in the near future, as mentioned across YSB’s social media handle — will set the tone for a successful 2021.

“With Partly Sunny, I’m showing my versatility and painting real life pictures. This project is more relatable to EVERYONE. Everyone goes through pain, everyone loves somebody, everyone needs love: gangstas need love too. I have a lot more coming 2021, so be on the lookout – BIG SUNNY TAKING OVER.” — Young Sunny Boy. 


Stream his project below: