Royce Da 5’9 has had an on and off beef with Benzino for some time now. Their beef might’ve hit a new high this past week with Benzino calling Royce a “slave” for defending Eminem. Now, The Source Magazine founder Dave Mays has found himself in the middle of the beef as well.

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Mays found himself in a heated Clubhouse chat with Van Lathan, Page Kennedy, Just Blaze, Punch, King Los, and others. The topic of the Snoop Dogg and Eminem beef was brought up, and May’s brought up Em’s “Foolish Pride” track.

Others in the chat tried to cement Em’s legacy in hip hop, while Dave Mays chose otherwise. “He can say what he want to say,” Mays said. That’s when Royce Da 5’9 fired back at Dave, “You can say what you want to say but that don’t mean it’s going to hold no merit. It don’t mean you dictate nothing.”


Mays then continued with his sentiments, saying “I’m going to say my piece, and you can either fuck with me or not. Muthafuckas been fucking with me for 30, 40 years because of the shit I’ve done and said, and how I am.” Someone then insinuated that maybe he and Em are the same type of person, to which Mays took offense. “We are not the same,” Mays said. Royce agreed with Mays saying he and Em are not the same.

Mays then went back to “Foolish Pride,” saying that “I don’t have none of that of that in my history. As far as fucking with the streets, fucking with authenticity in Hip Hop, it’s documented.” But Royce wasn’t with the disrespect. “Man, you fuck with Benzino! You don’t fuck with authenticity. I’ma kick your ass to the crowd. You fuck with cornballs.”

Royce, who was the moderator of the Clubhouse room, then decided to kick Mays out. After he kicked him out, he added “Enough of Dave Mays. Fuck out of here, muthafucka. Fuck he talking to, I’ll put death on your doorstep. I’m not divided, I’m not one with Dave Mays. Let’s get this shit straight. Ya’ll n-ggas in here acting like this n-gga at the cookout.”

You can listen to part of the chat below.