January 6, 2021, will be yet another day of infamy. History was made and incited yesterday by President Donald Trump, as the so-called “People’s House” and “World’s Most Deliberative Body” was trashed and desecrated.  As anarchists stormed Washington DC during the certification of the next President, Joe Biden in his defeat of Trump, there should be many lessons learned from the insurrection and sedition. 

Insurrection is defined as a violent uprising against an authority or government. What happened yesterday was an insurrection, not a protest (be clear on the difference). 

Many images, thoughts, concerns, and comments flood the media and social media. Let’s be clear, the violent assault and takeover of the U.S. Capitol was not only a tragic embarrassment to the United States of America but also proof-positive evidence that there is an undeniable difference in how white and Black people are treated in America by “police authorities” and the government on a local and national level.  

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We have always known that white people have special privileges, access, and protections in the United States of America, however, the anarchy and riots inside and outside the halls and chambers of the United States Congress make it crystal clear that people are treated differently in this country.

There are many questions that remain, however, we raise the following (for now):

1. Is the United States truly a nation of laws or a nation of hypocrisy? 
2. How was the security of the US Capitol breached during the certification proceedings of January 6th when clear indications of danger were present? 
3. Did the Capitol police cooperate with the insurrectionists and intentionally fail to do their jobs? 
4. If this is not insurrection, sedition, and treason, what is? 
5. If this was a Black Lives Matter, how many people would be dead? 
6. How many arrests were made yesterday at the Capitol, if any? 
7. Should Trump be removed immediately from office and prosecuted (remember, he has the nuclear codes)? 
8. How does America come back from this coup, prevent future political violence, and seek to restore its high moral stature on the international stage?
9. Must the Republican party now make a full repudiation of Donald Trump?  
10. Despite the unprecedented nature of this coup, was it inevitable, and will the future get worse? 

Yesterday’s insurrection against the United States of America by rebels wearing Trump Maga hats and Trump flags, as they stormed and scaled the walls of the Capital, will have a major impact on this country. The level of political violence and theatre will deter some and encourage others. It remains to be seen exactly how this will get done.  

This attack against American interests was from within and promoted by Trump and his supporters.  While Trump attacked and tear-gassed peaceful protesters, he failed to take action and bring “law and order” against these criminals and insurrectionists. Clearly, the Capitol police either failed or were complicit with the takeover in Congress.  


As a national-level investigation will undoubtedly take place, it will likely fall short of exploring the racial impact and not detail how white-faced rioters can do things that others would be murdered for doing much less.  
The images of yesterday at the Capitol are powerful and reminiscent of Tiananmen Square — these images will forever evidence the hypocrisy in America.  We understand more than 50 people were arrested breaking the curfew yet how many people were arrested at the Capitol. 

Numerous Republicans are trying to act shocked and surprised yet they have supported Trump and his dangerous rhetoric for years which allowed this and many prior embarrassments to escalate to America’s demise.


Today on MSNBC, former Secretary of Defense, General Colin Powell stated: “I never experienced anything like this… It is a national disgrace. Yesterday reminded me of the riots in 1992 during the Rodney King riots but we were called to send in the National Guard and troops which we did.  I do not know why that was not done in this case… It scares me that our Congress put up with this — they did not do their job. They must do their job and the military must also do their jobs.” 

Senators Mitch McConnell, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham have encouraged Trump (his family, Guiliani, and others) and fanned the flames of division and hate for the past four years. As active protagonists or political followers, all of their efforts led to disgraceful events yet they attempted to wash their hands from the Capitol riots and bloodshed inside the U.S. Capitol.  To make matters even worse, even after the invasion, some of these same Senators still voted in favor of Trump’s plan to have the object to the elections. We encourage everyone to contact each of the Senators who continued to vote and object to the certification of Joe Biden. Nonetheless, the Congress affirmed Joe Biden’s victory hours later early this morning around 4 am EST.  Trump’s efforts to derail his defeat was unsuccessful. Trump will be removed from the Whitehouse on or before January 20, 2021.  

Trump was successful, however, in establishing greater division and hate in America. Internationally, this country is now very much a disgrace. Trump is unquestionably unstable and may have shifted the moral power away from America to China as the world’s preeminent power in the world. Fortunately, the military needs to only enforce “lawful orders” of the President of the United States — just in case he attempts to further encourage invasions or riots. 

Lastly, as the home of Hip-Hop, we must indicate that the record should reflect yesterday was neither a Hip-Hop nor Black Lives Matter organized activity.  These actions were also not protests, they were riots and acts of insurrection. We need answers… We will demand justice!