By next month, a federal judge is expected to rule whether or not he will grant Brooklyn rapper Casanova freedom in a $2.5 million bail package offered up by his family and close friends.

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S. District Judge Phillip Halpern is expected to make a decision by February 1, when Casanova and some of his co-defendants will appear in front of Judge Halpern. Casanova and 17 other individuals were indicted at the end of 2020 on RICO charges aimed at the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang, an alleged set of the Blood gang.

Casanova, whose real name is Caswell Senior, had his attorneys submit the court filings for his bail package this week, which was put up with cash and property from 13 people from Cas’ friends and family. Prosecutors replied to the motion, calling Casanova an alleged gang leader whose release could be a danger to the community.


Casanova’s attorneys have argued that the rapper is not a flight risk and that going on the run would only put the property of his family at risk.

“With their dependents, there are well over 20 men, women, and children who will be affected by the consequent indebtedness to the Government and the ensuing financial ruin that would follow if (Casanova) were to flee or violate any conditions of his bond,” Casanova’s attorneys wrote. “They know him best, and each of them has expressed their unequivocal certainty that Mr. Senior would never put their financial lives and well-being at risk.”

Cas was indicted on counts of racketeering, trafficking controlled substances, and use of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking. He has not been charged with any violent crimes, however, if convicted of his crimes, he still faces life in prison.