In an interview with The Morning Hustle, Lil Nas X gets confronted by Lore’l on his reasoning for ignoring Love and Hip Hop Miami star, Bobby Lytes. Bobby Lytes has made his crush on Lil Nas apparent back in 2019 with a tweet that read, “Y’all I need help! So I like Lil Nas a lot but he’s been ignoring me and a bad bitch never gets ignored. Now I’ve always had a crush on Tyler The Creator, but I really want to give Lil Nas a chance. What do I do?”

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Since then Bobby has been continuously shooting his shot at award shows, under his comments, and .. pretty much any chance he gets. It has been apparent to fans that the “Old Town Road” singer has been missing Bobby Lytes passes and in an interview with The Morning Hustle, fans find out what Lil Nas really thinks about the Love and HipHop star.

Lore’l asks Lil Nas about his preference to chase someone. “You said it’s something so sexy about people who don’t want you. Like damn you really don’t want nothing to do with me?” Lil Nas responds and tells Lorel that he likes it when it’s not as easy to get somebody. He likes the challenge.


“So is that kind of why you don’t give any love to Bobby Lytes from Love and HipHop because he goes really hard, Lil Nas X to try to get your attention. Is that a reason why you kind of act like you don’t know him? Or do you not know him?” Lore’l asked.

“You just put me on the spot, huh?” Lil Nas responds. The singer continues to say that he never talked to Bobby Lytes in person, however, he never thought Bobby was serious about his crush on him. The singer then sets the record and confirms that Bobby Lytes is cute, however, he isn’t really into relationships at the moment.

Bobby saw the interview and immediately took to his social media with this to say. “So with all of that being said, yes Lil Nas X I accept your offer to take me on a date. You don’t even have to pay for nothing. I got my own money, own car, own crib. Own sh*t going on You know what I’m saying. 2021 Is about to be a big year for me also.”

Fans in the comments would be here for Bobby Lytes and Lil Nas X dating. Would you?