Rappers have been really showing their comedic side this past weekend after YK Osiris posted an interesting custom Gucci giddy-up. The “Worth It” singer flexed in a red leather Gucci jacket with Gucci joggers and sandals to match. After posting the fit, fans and celebrities gathered in his comments to suggest that the take-off the outfit.

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The real comedy began once 21 Savage and Yk Osiris got on live together on Instagram. 21 Savage was armored with jokes comparing Yk’s outfit to a suitcase, a purse, and more.

“You got a red lipstick leather jacket on wit’ a Gucci purse cut up all over the—bruh, you coulda let yo mama get the purse. Just give the purse to yo mama. Didn’t have to put it on yo jacket,” said 21 Savage.


Well, it seems like now 21 Savage has someone else on his roast radar. Yung Bleu posted a picture on his Instagram with a similar jacket to YK Osiris’ custom Gucci jacket, but this time the jacket was in orange. “Ion care what y’all say I swagged my sh*t,” Bleu wrote as the caption to his fancy fit on Instagram.

“Why you holding yo chain up with yo jacket tho dam my brudda lookin like a pumpkin,” 21 Savage trolled.

The designer stepped in the conversation to let it be known that they are only responsible for the custom jacket, not the entire outfit that Osiris is getting trolled for.

What are your thoughts on the outfit?